I know we just ‘sprang forward’ but I hope you’ll join me for this throwback to the song I co-wrote for The House on Mermaid Point‘s fictional rock-and-roll legend William Hightower even though I can’t carry a tune.

Here’s the USA Today article in which I explain how this song happened.

Watch the 10th Concession video of Mermaid in You or download a copy in the iTunes store.

Here’s what readers have to say about their favorite Ten Beach Road novels:

“I love these ladies! And many parts had me laughing (Maddie’s texts) and the ending had me shedding a few tears.”

“Laughed out loud in quite a few pages.”

“It will make you laugh, cry, think and at the very end be sorry that it is over.”

“With each renovation project the women have experienced personal growth and become more confident.”

“This has been a fabulous series to read. The characters are wonderfully developed and the story line is full of humor and warmth.”

“What can I say? After 3 books featuring this cast, I am hooked and want to know what happens next for all of them.”

Character Madeline Singer is that glass-is-half-full friend we all need in our lives. Take this brief quiz to find out what advice Maddie would give you. You’ll be entered to win an advance copy of my new Ten Beach Road novel Best Beach Ever.

I’m counting the days until May 22nd when my new novel Best Beach Ever is released.

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