Some things never get old. Like presents. And hearing the words ‘I love you’ from someone who does.

The day your new novel is released is way up there on the perennially exciting list. For me, today is that day.

BEST BEACH EVER is now officially on sale. It’s my fourteenth novel and I’m just as excited to see it hitting the shelves today as I was almost twenty years ago when my first book came out.  

If you haven't already ordered it you can do that right here:

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I know just how fortunate I am to ‘make things up’ for a living. Thank you to everyone who’s read one of my novels. 

If you haven’t tried me yet, I hope you’ll take a moment to click around my website to read excerpts, descriptions, and reviews of all my books.  

In the meantime, I plan to enjoy having BEST BEACH EVER out in the world and may even engage in a toast or two. Please feel free to raise a glass of your favorite beverage and join in the celebration! 

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