I’m not the glass-is-half-full person I’d like to be.

In almost any situation the worst-case scenario pops into my mind. If there’s turbulence, I know the plane is going down. If I can’t find my cell phone, I assume someone’s already found it and is emptying my bank account.

TEN BEACH ROAD’s Madeline Singer is exactly the opposite. Although she lives in my former house and has the same number of children I do, she is almost relentlessly positive.

When she and two other Ponzi victims are left with nothing but shared ownership of a crumbling beachfront mansion that they’re forced to spend a long sweat soaked summer restoring, it’s Maddie who creates a tradition of coming up with at least one good thing to toast at sunset. A task that often proves challenging.

In anticipation of the April 25 release of my new novel, ONE GOOD THING, I’m inviting friends, readers, and book clubs to share their #OneGoodThing. It can be a special person, an event, or something good that happened to you that day or in the world in general. I promise not to judge. As Madeline Singer often points out, “I’m not the ‘good enough’ police.”

Just share a photo or video of your #OneGoodThing on my Facebook Page, or share a tweet or Instagram post. Include #OneGoodThing and #Sweepstakes in the post and you’ll be entered to win a gift basked filled with Ten Beach Road themed goodies.

Because #OneGoodThing should lead to another.

PS – It would be a really good thing if you could share your #OneGoodThing today!
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